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Discontinuous research on Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band since June 1994.

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Somewhere in 1994, I saw a couple pages on the then-nascent World Wide Web about Frank Zappa. I thought this was interesting, so I decided I'd put up a page on Captain Beefheart, of whom I'd found exactly one recording. The page originally resided on my brother's office computer, a Mac IIci, and then moved during my college years to the college server, and then to shiningsilence.com, once I registered it, growing and updated irregularly all that time. Yep, you are looking at one of the older web pages still in existence.

Much of the original information came from Gerry Pratt in the UK, publisher of the original Steal Softly Thru Snow fanzine.

I've gained a wife, kids, and career since I started this page, so this set of pages is pretty static. Of course, the band hasn't existed since 1982, so there's not a lot to cover. I occasionally pop in for changes. Much of this material is covered on the (more active) beefheart.com site run by Graham Johnston.

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