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Ice Cream For Crow
Song list:
Ice Cream For Crow
The Host The Ghost The Most Holy-O
Semi-Multicoloured Caucasian
Hey Garland I Dig Your Tweed Coat
Evening Bell
Cardboard Cutout Sundown
The Past Sure Is Tense
Ink Mathematics
The Witch Doctor Life
81 Poop Hatch
The Thousandth and Tenth Day Of The Human Totem Pole
Skeleton Makes Good
Ice Cream For Crow Cover
This consists mostly of leftover/revamped songs first intended for the original Bat Chain Puller and is the last complete album ever made. Doc At The Radar Station is a much better buy, though a few of the songs on this album are quite excellent.

Ice Cream For Crow back

Photo of the band members from album back

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