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The Original Bat Chain Puller
Song list:
Bat Chain Puller Seam Crooked Sam Harry Irene Poop Hatch A Carrot... Brickbats Floppy Boot Stomp Flavor Bud Living Carson City (Owned T'Alex) Odd Jobs 1010th Day Of The Human Totem Pole Apes-Ma
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1994 Bootleg CD THE ORIGINAL BAT CHAIN PULLER on CBCD514 - provenance is not disclosed. The 1976 version leaked by Virgin (allegedly) featured 12 tracks that, more or less, made it to Shiny Beast 2 years later. Unlike other vinyl bootlegs this is the real complete set in excellent stereo AND it comes with an Art CD - tracks are:

1) Bat Chain Puller (5.14 min)
2) Seam Crooked Sam (3.15 min)
3) Harry Irene (3.31 min)
4) Poop Hatch (2.41 min)
5) A Carrot... (1.51 min)
6) Brickbats (4.35 min)
7) Floppy Boot Stomp (4.03 min)
8) Flavor Bud Living (1.38 min)
9) Carson City(Owned T'Alex) (3.24 min)
10) Odd Jobs (5.23 min)
11) 1010th Day Of The Human Totem Pole (6.00 min)
12) Apes-Ma (0.39 min).

``Carson City'' is the track written about/for Alex Snouffer. The CD is made up to just over an hour with 7 bonus tracks from ``PARIS 1973'' - Gerry theorized that these must be from the Paris BATACLAN gig on Sunday April 15th. 1972, a bit of ``Click Clack'' was shown on French TV recently. The ``Abba Zabba'' track is a fave.

13) Bass Solo (0.50 min)
14) Alice In Blunderland (3.36 min)
15) Abba Zabba (3.02 min)
16) Click Clack (2.52 min), 17) My Human Gets Me Blues (1.21 min)
18) I'm Gonna Boogalize You Baby (3.14 min)
19) Golden Birdies (3.22 min)

Vinyl Versions

Original 1976 Shiny Beast Version

The Bootleg issue from the 1976 Virgin issued pre-release tapes. Labels, Black on Cream, say "Produced by the Shame" and "Eurodisc Gmbh Munchen". Cover is startling red on green (front) and green on red (back) with uncredited art and "Produced by Frank Zappa & Herb Cohen". Also exists as a CD.

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