Pointe Au Baril, Canada - pictures.

Little Sister Island is a few miles out in Georgian Bay, the top section of Lake Huron, in Canada. The closest town to Pointe Au Baril is Parry Sound, which is farther south on Highway 69. These pictures date from somewhere around fall in the mid 1990s.

Each thumbnail picture is linked to a larger version.

This is the backyard, essentially. Back up a foot or two and you'd be in the water.

A little joke - this picture was taken in September 1996, but the thermometer was left in the sun and overheated.

Here I am leaving the dock in the 14 footer. My favorite boat to drive since there's no paint to scratch.

This is the view from the left side of the island, in the water, facing (one of) our neighbors. Farther left in the picture is a number of shoals.

How I got to be so tall. This is just in front of the cottage.

This is the island of some friends of the family, the Peppers. This is what most of the older cottages look like up there.

An average Pointe Au Baril sunset, from our back window.