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Strictly Personal
Song list:
Ah Feel Like Ahcid
Safe As Milk
Trust Us
Son of Mirror Man - Mere Man
On Tomorrow
Beatle Bones and Smokin Stones
Gimme Dat Harp Boy
Kandy Korn
Strictly Personal JPEG
This album, though somewhat warped by the "psychedelic" leanings of that era, still is an excellent purchase. It makes a good transition between Safe As Milk/Mirror Man and Trout Mask Replica. Check out the alternate version below.

Also available at the bottom of this page:
Gerry Pratt's review of the CD release, and info on I May Be Hungry But I Sure Ain't Wierd which contains outtakes from this album.

Strictly Personal back

A picture from the CD booklet. It was unlabeled, so I don't know by who or why or when it was taken. But it's here, so it must be good for something. :)

Strictly Personal Outtakes and Alternates

Strictly Personal has been issued on CD in the UK by EMI (7243 8 29654 2 8) - it appeared in UK shops round here in mid July '94 but I don't think has been reviewed yet. The packaging in really excellent - the CD booklet is like a mini version of the original 1968 gatefold sleeve with the 25th Century picture in the centre and all the right credits/dates intact. It comes with about 2000 word sleeve notes by Mark Paytress which are also pretty good. (The Ry Cooder connection which appears in the adverts is due to a mis-reading of these notes - Mark was talking about Ry Cooder's involvement in Safe As Milk)

It is a Budget CD (UK L 8.99 here) and the sound is pretty well the same as the original UK 1968 issue (which was the best sound/pressing), the 1971 Sunset re-issue and the 1979 Rock File re-issue. I mean it doesn't claim to have been re-mastered even though the unphased version is extant in Culver City, LA (discovered by Roger Armstrong of Ace Records who told EMI about it).

I tried it this week-end against the vinyl and there is little difference. Unphased tracks (like ``Gimme Dat Harp Boy'') sound better, crisper while phased tracks (like ``Mirror Man - Son of Mere Man'') sounded worse to me as the phasing is more apparent - I guess digitising adds emphasis to these effects. However the shocker for me was that on ``Kandy Korn'', the last track, as the final crescendo is reached there is this wild yell in the background which definitely cannot be heard on the vinyl!

All together a pretty good release and I still think that someone may dig out the pre-phased version in some future release - it would be nice to hear this with the clarity of the UK Sequel ``I may be hungry'' CD which was taken direct from the November 1967 master tapes.

Re: Don Van Vliet ``approving'' the mix - this is Krasnow's story that Don said he liked it while the band hated (this from friend of John ``Drumbo'' French). Don's opinion changed when it got bad reviews/sales. Krasnow may have told him it was going to be a hit Album and that Beefheart and the Band would make lots of money - this was at a time when they had little if any income. (BTW The latest issue of MOJO (#8) had a long letter from John ``Drumbo'' French setting the record straight about his involvement in Beefheart's music.)

In my Beefheart 'zine (a 72 pager Steal Softly Thru Show #4 - Old Fart At Play should be ready early September '94) I am publishing a telephone interview from January '94 of Bill Harkleroad AKA Zoot Horn Rollo by John Ellis - this sheds some new light on the Summer 1968 period after the April/May '68 recording sessions and before the October (?) 1968 issue of Strictly Personal by Krasnow on his own Blue Thumb label:-

this is Bill Harkleroad that I'm talking to and thanks very much for doing this interview for us...the first question I want to ask X...which you've probably been asked before...was how did you become the guitarist for Trout Mask Replica?
for Trout Mask Replica or for Captain Beefheart?
well did it start before then?
well actually yeah...I was in the group before Strictly Personal came out and recorded some of the tunes that...we were going to redo that album...I'm sure that you know the history because of our past conversations
I've heard some really convoluted stuff...that it was recorded for MGM at one point
I recorded two tunes in the studio as my first studio thing...Zappa was the Engineer and Producer of that...we were going to redo the album... then a guy called Bob Krasnow kind of put out the album without anyone knowing...so we dumped what we had...
he's President of Elektra now and I've actually heard from him that he's interested in like reissuing that album...the unmixed album ...I also heard that someone contacted a friend of mine in England...said that Capitol or EMI had got hold of it and might be putting it out on CD
Strictly Personal?
before he added all the...phasing and stuff?
interesting...anyway so your question was the Trout Mask Replica thing
can you remember what the two tracks were...'cause that's like my...
"Kandy Korn" and "Moonlight on Vermont"
"Moonlight on Vermont" was going to be on that album but ended up going X onto Trout Mask Replica
very interesting ...so Zappa was the producer of that so he probably has the tapes ...probably in his...
probably yes...I guess I don't know what's happening with his stuff now


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