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Discontinuous research on Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band since June 1994.

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Rare Beef/Vintage Zappa
Song list:
Beatle Bones & Smokin Stones Pt. 1
Beatle Bones & Smokin Stones Pt. 2
Trust us (take 9)
Gimme That Harp Boy
Moody Liz (take 8)
How's Your Bird?
The World's Greatest Sinner
Everytime I See You
Dear Jeepers
Letter From Jeepers
Cradle Rock
The first 5 tracks are Beefheart tracks; the remaining 6 are Zappa.

Tracks 1-5 licensed from Kama Sutra Music Inc. and tracks 6-11 licensed from Del-Fi Records. (p)&(c)1991 Disky Communications B.V. Marketed and distributed in the Benelux by Disky Communications B.V.Hoorn. Cover Design: Van Dijken Enschede. From Pop Almanac Records of Holland(?)

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