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New York Hot Dog Night
Song list:

The New York Hot Dog Night is on HallMark (HM 011 CD). It says on the back "Recorded live at MY FATHER'S PLACE in New York on December 11th. 1978 together with the MAGIC BAND". This is somewhat confusing because the "Live at My Father's Place" vinyl bootleg has a date of 18th Nov '78. The announcer at the start of the set says "Historic performance...first time on live radio...WLIR FM". The band line up, as announced by CB is

Bruce Fowler - Trombone, Air Bass
Richard Redus - Slide Guitar, Slide Bass, Guitar + Accordion
Robert Williams - Drums and Percussion
Jeff Morris Tepper - Guitar + Slide Guitar
Eric Drew Feldman - Bass, Synthesisers + Keyboard

Also Mary Jane Eisenberg (sp?) gets a credit for "Shake Boquet" on "Tropical..." and "The Mummy" on "When I See Mommy..."

Sound is Excellent Stereoish. The set is exactly 90 mins. CB plugs Shiny Beast (Bat Chain Puller) and claims the name of the album is the wrong way round.

Vinyl Versions

Live at My Fathers Place VOL.I

European bootleg wlth deluxe b&w cover, excellent Mono recording.

Live at My Fathers Place VOL.II

This is the 1978 Long Island concert broadcast live by WLIR FM on Long Island, NY. The venue was My Father's Place in Roslyn, Long Island. The date of this is given as 18th November 1978 in Hot Wax but no date appears on the record/cover itself and the CD Bootleg New York Hot Dog Night on HallMark (HM 011 CD) is the same show but says on the back "Recorded live at My Father's Place in New York on December 11th." Cover is just a wrap-round and has black on red photo of Don Vliet in a hat and scarf looking like a cornered animal and "Don Van Vliet & His Magic Band Live at My Fathers Place VOL.II" on the back. Labels are cyan on white with A and B and feature a chameleon. Also exists as a CD - New York Hot Dog Night.

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