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Mirror Man (alternate version)
Song list:
Kandy Korn
25th Century Quaker
Mirror Man
Little Scratch
Funeral Hill No.1
Cover of alternate Mirror Man
This is essentially the Mirror Man album with two unreleased songs from the later 1970's added. A good purchase, since it's hard to find those later 2 songs in digital form, and a definite must-buy if you don't have the original Mirror Man album. The cover art is different, and there are a few pages of history written in the CD booklet - the information is inaccurate, and apparently written by a non-native English speaker, with many grammatical mistakes. The song lyrics are transcribed with many errors, though the "blues dialect" Captain Beefheart uses on this album makes translation very difficult even for native English speakers. The two additional tracks are from Tom Klatt in "The Beefheart Archive", in West Germany. I don't know much more about that organization.

(Thanks to Richard Gardner for the scan.)

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