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Captain Hook
Song list:
Upon the My-Oh-My
Crazy Little Thing
Full Moon, Hot Sun
Sugar Bowl
This Is The Day
Keep On Rubbing
Be Your Dog
Sweet Georgia Brown
Abba Zabba
Sam With The Showing Scalp Flat Top
Grow Fins

This has a very attractive card/plastic cover, like a CD single, with various well-known photographs recoloured. Like the "Crazy Little Things" boot CD this is the Cowtown, Kansas City, April 22 1974 FM broadcast. In addition there is "Sam With The Showing Scalp Flat Top" from May '75 and "Grow Fins" from '77 - both of which sound as if dubbed from a vinyl bootleg. I guess "Sam" comes from the VA Bootleg "Las Botas Draciosas Marchan Sobre Polonia!" which features this one Beefheart track from a May '75 show - no idea where the '77 "Grow Fins" cut is from - this has the Walley/Tepper/Feldman/French lineup. Over 70 minutes.

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