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Song list:
Lunar Egg-Clips Runs Amuck
The Girl With The Stars In Her Hair
Motorhead Snorks - Motorhead Speaks
The "Live Jam"
  • Once The Clothes Are Off
  • Greenbeans, Stringbeans, & Other Assorted Vegetables
  • Moonpie - Cooked 1
Jimmy Carl Black Speakin' At Ya
In A Star
Do You Like Worms?
Bunk Speaks
Another Gardner Variation
Pachuco Falsetto Laughs
Here We Go Around The Lemon Tree
Who Slew The Beast?
Dom DeWild Speaks
Dom DeWild Transforms Before Your Very Ears
Dom DeWild Speaks Again
Ant-Bee is also known as Billy James. This is an odd album. Guessing from the look of the album and the presence of ex-Mothers of Invention, I supposed it would sound not unlike the Zappa/Mothers Of Invention album "Freak Out" or some such - music I enjoy, but not easy to listen to. Surprisingly, I found that wasn't the case with this album.

Yes, it's a wild, bizarre collage of music much like the original Mothers of Invention, but it's somewhat more focused and doesn't have some of the grating areas that the Mothers had. There's several Zappa-related stories, with several MOI-members (see the song titles) giving their take on the early existence of the MOI and Zappa. It's interesting to hear, since most historical accounts of that period tend to be from Zappa himself. Hearing the voice of Jimmy Carl Black or Motorhead gives the testimony a very authentic feel.

In any case, if you like any of the early Mother Of Invention material or just like odd music, try this album. There's another album on the way, and I'll post purchasing info as soon as I have it.

Also, Billy James is co-authoring a book on the Magic Band (!) with Bill Harkleroad (alias Zoot Horn Rollo) which I will also have more info on soon.

Billy James can be emailed at 102034.3223@CompuServe.COM if you are interested in buying this CD. He has web pages up at: http://ourworld.compuserve.com/homepages/antbee/

Ant-Bee With My Favorite "Vegetables" and Other Bizarre Muzik

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