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Fast 'N' Bulbous
Song list:
Beefheart Song: Cover Band:
Zig Zag Wanderer The Dog Faced Hermanns
Ella Guru XTC
Clear Spot The Scientists
Ice Cream For Crow The Membranes
Long Necked Bottles The King of Luxembourg
Sun Zoom Spark The Beat Poets
Hot Head That Petrol Emotion
China Pig The Primevals
Electricity Sonic Youth
Harry Irene Good and Gone
Frying Pan The Screaming Dizbusters
Big Eyed Beans From Venus The Mock Turtles
Gimme That Harp Boy The Beat Poets
Crazy Little Thing The Primevals
This is an album of variable quality, which is not surprising since there are so many different bands on it. Some of the performances have problems because the vocalist will try and fail to match the original vocal timbre of Don Van Vliet, or the playing just isn't too lively. Other bands manage to make the songs their own, like the Mock Turtles, or do even better by recording the song as an instrumental, as the Beat Poets did. All in all, buyer beware. You won't like the whole album, but there is the relief that you can just skip ahead.
1988 UK Original of Fast 'N' Bulbous ``Tribute'' album from Imaginary Records on Illusion 002. Includes cover version of Captain Beefheart songs by That Petrol Emotion, Sonic Youth, The Mock Turtles and others.

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