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If You Got Ears
Song list:
Hard Working Man (blue collar 7" version)
Moody Liz (strictly personal outtake)
Odd Jobs (bat chain outtake)
Mirror Man (Drury Lane 1974)
Torture (bongo fury outtake)
Little Scratch (outtake)
Dirty Blue Gene (early version)
Picture Of Mahavishnu (live)
Light Reflected (rare 12")
Evil (avalon ballroom 1966)
Flash Gordon's Ape (alternate vocal No 1)
Lick My Decals Off (instrumental version)
Hard Working Man (obscene version)

The words Don Van Vliet and "If You Got Ears" in white on black scroll appear on the CD but no label name. Says MADE IN THE EEC LUXEMBOURG.The notes say "It's over a decade since the Captain last entered a recording studio and if rumours of his ill health are true, it's unlikely he will ever again. He gave up music to live in the Mojave dessert and indulge his first love, painting. So, for those that miss that magnificent voice, here, as a taster of things to come, is a selection of rare, unissued and alternative studio and live cuts. As the Captain said: 'If you got ears, you gotta listen.' ".

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