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Discontinuous research on Captain Beefheart and the Magic Band since June 1994.

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Chronicle with Captain Beefheart
Song list:
Two Hundred Years Old
Willie the Pimp, Peon
Alice in Blunderland
Somebody Walkin'
Leave Me Alone
Call on Me
Sure Nuff n Yes I Do
Yellow Brick Road
Plastic Factory
(other tunes are Beefheart-less)

This Frank Zappa bootleg has some live New Jersey '75 Zappa with "Peon", "Alice In Blunderland" and "Willie The Pimp" from studio sessions, L.A. 1964-77 including "Leave Me Alone" and "Somebodies Walking" (probably from Beefheart's '66 Avalon Ballroom shows) and the four known "Safe" alternate versions and "Orange Claw Hammer". Features colour photo of Frank and the front and says P&C1979 Tin Can Records. Manufactured and distributed by Syndicated Broadcast Systems LTD. Sydney, New South Wales. Labels have silver on black writing saying Kimber Records.

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