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Bluejeans And Moonbeams
Song list:
Party Of Special Things To Do
Observatory Crest
Pompadour Swamp
Captains Holiday
Rock and Roll's Evil Doll
Further Than We'we Gone (Don Vliet) 5.00
Twist Ah Luck
Bluejeans & Moonbeams
Leftovers from Beefheart's interim Magic Band in the mid-70's, usually referred to as the "Tragic Band". Buy it if you need to complete your collection. Most will agree that this is probably the worst Beefheart album, though there are a few people who have told me they enjoyed it..
(Following is text from the album.)


Bluejeans & Moonbeams

Party Of Special Things To Do (Don Vliet/Elliot Ingber) 3.12
Same Old Blues (J.J.Cale) 4.00
Observatory Crest (Don Vliet/Elliot Ingber) 3.28
Pompadour Swamp (Don Vliet) 3.27
Captains Holiday (R.Feldman/W.Richmond/S.Hickerson/C.Blackwell) 5.42
Rock and Roll's Evil Doll (Don Vliet/Mark Gibbons/Ira Ingber) 3.09
Further Than We'we Gone (Don Vliet) 5.00
Twist Ah Luck (Don Vliet/Mark Gibbons/Ira Ingber) 3.17
Bluejeans & Moonbeams (Don Vliet) 5.09

Don Van Vliet : vocals,harmonica
Dean Smith : guitar and bottleneck guitar
Ira Ingber : bass
Bob West : bass(3)
Michael Smootherman : keyboards and backup vocals
Mark Gibbons : keyboards
Gene Pello : drums
Jimmy Caravan : keyboards and star machine
Ty Grimes : percussions

Produced by Andy Di Martino

This album is dedicated to Denny Rosencrantz

(p) & (C) 1974 Virgin Records Ltd. CDV 2023

Thanks to Elija Popov for this additional information.

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